Jill Scott back in the Studio…

Jill Scott is back in the studio working on a new album due out in the Summer of 2011. Jill has made numerous inroads into acting while staring in HBO’s The No’s 1 Ladies Detective Agency, Tyler’s Perry Why Did I get Married 1 and 2 and even appeared on an episode of Law and Order. Although she is spreading her wings into new areas, she remains an acclaimed award winning songtrist. Now she has a new recording partnership with Warner Bros and this album will be her most highly anticipated since her break from Hidden Beach. Recently, she took time to talk to CNN’s Sarah Hoye about the filming of her first Single of the Album The Light of the Sun.

The SmartBird from Festo’s Bionic Learning Network

“SmartBird is an ultralight but powerful flight model with excellent aerodynamic qualities and extreme agility. With SmartBird, Festo has succeeded in deciphering the flight of birds – one of the oldest dreams of humankind. This bionic technology-bearer, which is inspired by the herring gull, can start, fly and land autonomously – with no additional drive mechanism. Its wings not only beat up and down, but also twist at specific angles. This is made possible by an active articulated torsional drive unit, which in combination with a complex control system attains an unprecedented level of efficiency in flight operation.

Festo has thus succeeded for the first time in creating an energy-efficient technical adaptation of this model from nature. The functional integration of coupled drive units yields significant ideas and insights that Festo can transfer to the development and optimisation of hybrid drive technology. The minimal use of materials and the extremely lightweight construction pave the way for efficiency in resource and energy consumption. Festo already today puts its expertise in the field of fluid dynamics to use in the development of the latest generations of cylinders and valves. By analysing SmartBird’s flow characteristics during the course of its development, Festo has acquired additional knowledge for the optimisation of its product solutions and has learned to design even more efficiently.” Source: http://www.festo.com
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