The Cricket World Cup and the American pretenders

Well the Cricket World Cup is here and it’s time for Americans to start pretending that we know all about the sport of cricket. I completely missed out on the last “let’s all pretend we’re fans moment” during World Cup Soccer when many of my fellow Americans engaged in the greatest expression of self-delusion in recent memory. Sure there may be some Americans that know something about cricket but most of us just don’t. I think it works like this; 1. we overhear our ex-pat co-workers and friends that are cricket fans talk about the game, 2. we repeat what we’ve heard to other Americans who are also pretending to be fans of the sport as if we know what we are talking about, 3. we watch a few clips of cricket matches online and pretend to be either excited or disappointed in the players performance depending on whichever team we’ve arbitrarily decided is “our team” 4. we talk about the game we saw online while maintaining the unspoken agreement not to blow the cover of other people we suspect are also pretending to be fans. After that we are off to the races, we now have something to talk about with the off shore team during that odd moment just before the weekly voice conference. This formula works for just about any sport American’s aren’t real fans of. You see, for us it’s not about really loving the game or even knowing about the game, it’s about pretending that’s the real sport.