Digital music, platform incompatibility, and why Apple’s iTunes sucks!

by associate contributor “GB”

Remember vinyl? When you brought an album (or even CD) issued by MCA, RCA, Columbia, or other major (or minor) label, it played on any turntable (or CD player) made by any manufacturer. Columbia records didn’t play just on turntables manufactured by Columbia. Also, the album was your property once you brought it. You didn’t need to “accept” any license terms, “agree” to any terms of use, or other legal BS. You could do whatever you wanted with the album, tape record it, loan it to a friend to tape, use it as a Frisbee, or whatever. I appreciate the need of the recording industry to preserve its source of revenue as a consequence of Napster, and rampant peer to peer sharing. I don’t accept the dominance of Apple as the sole provider of content, and iTunes as the primary vehicle for accessing music. When I buy CD’s, or other digital music, and; import it into my music library, I have the right to access my musical property via any vehicle I chose, not just one (or the currently dominant one). I demand the spirit of open source for accessing my legally purchased digital media! Down with iTunes!

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