Obama meets with High-Tech Ascended Masters

“The president specifically discussed his proposals to invest in research and development and expand incentives for companies to grow and hire, along with his goal of doubling exports over five years to support millions of American jobs,” said White House spokesman Jay Carney in a statement after the dinner. A focus on math and science education is great so long as once you put in the time, effort, years and money to acquire that education there are actually jobs available for our nations youth that pay a living wage so that they can pay back the $100,000 that it’s costs to get that education. In addition to supporting the high tech sector we also need to work toward lowering the cost of education, adjusting US trade and tax policy to keep jobs in the United States and provide more technology transfer from government research programs, special access programs and university research projects to start-up companies and innovators that can develop those technologies into viable products and services.

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